The end.

As I sit here at home sitting on the couch watching tv, tears rolling down my face, it’s over just like that.

Tonight my heart swelled with love and intense emotions once again as it has so many times since you’ve been alive baby girl. Tonight you decided to end our very last nursing session.

We were down to one nursing session, the night one. Tonight when you said no and I laid you back down to try again, you replied “no mama” and sat up on my lap waiting for your bottle of milk. Although I replied “ok Baby, let me get you leche” it hurt my heart. I got up with you, got your bottle and as I gave you your bottle of leche in the dark while singing to you tears ran down my face.

I can’t believe our breastfeeding journey has ended. I mean I’m happy we were able to do one year and one month of your life but it’s such an emotional connection that only you and I had. I love you and that will absolutely never change.

Thank you.

Thank you for making me a mom, yourmom. Thank you for showing me love like none I had ever known. Thank you for giving my life a whole new meaning.

As this chapter ends for us, I know another one will start but God did I love this chapter.

Bittersweet. So bittersweet.



Emma’s Fairy First Birthday

It has now officially been over 2 weeks since Emma’s first birthday and wow, what a wonderful time it was!

When I tell you we did everything, yep we did everything. It was a lot of work but it truly made all the difference. I wanted it to be very personal and the only way was by DIY. Pinterest definitely helped and thanks to my amazing best friend + Em’s Godmother who so happens to be a fabulous party planner 🙂 for bringing this vision completely to life!

My baby girl is officially one year old and as amazing as ever.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


This was the kid zone

We had fairy wings made for the girls and little elf hats made for the boys

We chose our favorite shots from her first year to make a little memory tree – great conversation starter!

Her reaction was perfect!


Best party planner EVER


All the kiddos


We wanted really old school games and they were a hit!


Bigs + Littles alike 🙂


He kissed Emma!


Naked cakes 🙂


First Steps!

So I work in the city every Tuesday and when I got home last week my baby girl was waiting for me standing by herself on our lawn!

Standing. By herself, no help!

Where is time going? Of course I didn't even try to get a picture because I was so focused trying super hard not to cry on our lawn lol.

Why is time going so fast?! I just can't get over how bittersweet this whole parenting thing is. Sorry, I know I sound like a broken record but come on, any other parent would tell you the same thing.


How cute are these two?!