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What a great past few days we’ve had over in our small corner of the world!

Our North Carolina family came to visit for one of Emma’s cousin’s first birthday and it was a great time. Whenever they come over we always have a fun time – just being around them makes us happier. Emma met Sebastian and fell in love with that little munchkin.

Family is a strange thing, sometimes you don’t like them very much but when things get to gettin, you’re always there for your family. The complexity of families comes from so many different personalities and beliefs and people voicing their opinions because everyone is so comfortable around each other. I don’t necessarily believe that when there are sly comments between family members its said maliciously its simply because everyone is so comfortable around each other.

Next time you’re around everyone in the family, really sit there and enjoy them! Truly, enjoy them, look at the children and their interactions and I promise you it will make all the difference and you will see the worth in spending time with family.

Love you guys!


I mean, how cute are these 2 bubs?!


I love you Sebastian!


Happy birthday CJ!


Emma’s Godparents ❤


These two.  ❤



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