10 months!

My beautiful, smart, sweet (sometimes very sour) little girl you are 10 months old today!

I cannot believe you will be 1 year old in such a short time. We are planning your first birthday and are so very excited to see it all come together. Something tells me you’re going to be such a bright girl, not just because you’re my daughter but there’s just something about you baby girl.

Your personality pierces through more and more. You’re already a natural in front of the camera 🙂

We love you Em
This face!


Happy Birthday Husband

It was my husband’s birthday last weekend .. so yea this is late but, life happens 🙂

Jonathan is amazing! He’s a great dad and hubs and he is a fabulous person in general. He is such a hard working person and because of his schedule he doesn’t get to spend half as much time as he’d like to with the baby but bills gotta get paid!

We love you Dadda!

Enjoy a few shots of him + baby

P.S. – this was my very first made from scratch cake! Of course I left out the baking soda so it wasn’t as fluffy as it should’ve been lol